Performance & Events

Upcoming Performances & Events

8 x 8 Cabaret du Jump en Noir  (August 21-22, 2020) An exquisite pairing of palpable artistry combined with awareness of Black identity and culture is
being displayed in this unique format, hosted live by Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson. Music, monologue, poetry, and dance will take center stage in a virtual medium. This demonstration will then fuel a dialogue post performance between audience, moderator, and artist. Featuring: Aamori Olujimi, Odious Dance, Naomi Sumthin2Say, Brian Drones, Jess Mahogany, Nigel Pierce, Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson, and Darcell Bios.

I’ll Remember For You by Lisa Suarez  (Coming September 2020) A funny, sad and honest play about a mother, a daughter, and a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. I’ll Remember for You is by Jump-Start company member Lisa Suarez.

Past Performances & Events

Connected by Teletextile (INKubator 2020)                                                              8 x 8 Cabaret Du Jump – August 2019
Gaylord’s Last Happy Hour by Chuck Squier – June 2019
Payasos on Parade – April 2019
Flatbed Teatro – Westside Walkout – March 2019
On & Off FREDericksburg Rd. – February 2019
Guest Artist: Judith Sloan (Queens, NY) – February 2019                                          Semana de Sueños by Eraina Porras – January 2019
Performance Party 34 – January 2019
Tejana Rasquacha by Marisela Barrera – December 2018
Brunch of Champions – October 2018 


Family Endeavors – October 2018 – September 2019
Woodlawn Elementary – October 2018 – June 2019
Bonham Academy – October 2018 – July 2019
Guest Artist: Judith Sloan – February 2019

Community Series

THE COMMUNITY SERIES (work by guest artists in our theater) includes:
INKubator, in which we select a San Antonio artist or company to create and produce a new work;

ON & OFF FRED, when we present the work of a visual and/or performance artist as part of a neighborhood studio tour and art walk

8 X 8 CABARET DU JUMP, eight 8-minute performances by guests and company in an 8-foot cube; and

a special GUEST ARTIST RESIDENCY that includes their performance and presentation of workshops for the company and community.

JUMP-START-AT-LARGE (performance that takes place anywhere but our theater) includes:

STILT-WALKERS AND PERFORMANCE ARTISTS OF JUMP-START who appear at Fiesta San Antonio parades and other surprise locations; and

FLATBED TEATRO, which brings a fresh show on a flatbed trailer to libraries, parking lots and fields around San Antonio.