Performance & Events

Upcoming Performances & Events

Dreamers, Payasas  y la Frontera Frontier- August 16 & 17 @ 8 pm & August 18, 2019 @ 5 pm

Inkubator – September 2019

THE COMPANY SERIES (work by company members presented in Jump-Start’s theater) includes WE FOUND THIS ROOM IN A DESERT by Daniel Jackson, an interactive installation about the desert and resilience to be explored by the audience, thereby unlocking the narrative.

MODEL TALKS by Pamela Dean Kenny, a look inside the mind of an artist’s model including stories from Life (drawing) and a romp through Art (-ist model) history.

TEJANA RASQUACHA by Marisela Barrera, an expanded version of her fictionalized memoir of living and loving in Texas.

PERFORMANCE PARTY 35, Jump-Start’s annual birthday party with four hours of short performances in many genres by the company and friends.

Past Performances & Events

8 x 8 Cabaret Du Jump – August 2019
Gaylord’s Last Happy Hour – June 2019
Payasos on Parade – April 2019
Flatbed Teatro – Westside Walkout – March 2019
On & Off FREDericksburg Rd. – February 2019
Guest Artist: Judith Sloan – February 2019

Semana de Sueños – January 2019
SEMANA DE SUEÑOS brought together three stories of trouble and love in the Mexican/American borderland:  an attorney undertakes a surreal search for a lost child, separated from her father; a community of Chicano youth and their supporters call out unfair treatment by walking out of their San Antonio high school in 1968; and two border-city sisters sacrifice their hair for their pueblo in a new folktale.  SEMANA resonated deeply with its audiences.

Performance Party 34 – January 2019
Tejana Rasquacha – December 2018
Brunch of Champions – October 2018

Other Community Conversations

INKubator – September 2019
Payasa USA – August 2019
Gaylord’s Last Happy Hour – May – June 2019
Flatbed Teatro – Westside Walkout – March 2019
Semana de Sueños – January 2019
Tejana Rasquacha – December 2018

Other: Education

Family Endeavors – October 2018 – September 2019
Woodlawn Elementary – October 2018 – June 2019
Bonham Academy – October 2018 – July 2019
Guest Artist: Judith Sloan – February 2019

THE COMMUNITY SERIES (work by guest artists in our theater) includes:
INKUBATOR, in which we select a San Antonio artist or company to create and produce a new work;

ON & OFF FRED, when we present the work of a visual and/or performance artist as part of a neighborhood studio tour and art walk

8 X 8 CABARET DU JUMP, eight 8-minute performances by guests and company in an 8-foot cube; and

a special GUEST ARTIST RESIDENCY that includes their performance and presentation of workshops for the company and community.

JUMP-START-AT-LARGE (performance that takes place anywhere but our theater) includes:

STILT-WALKERS AND PERFORMANCE ARTISTS OF JUMP-START who appear at Fiesta San Antonio parades and other surprise locations; and

FLATBED TEATRO, which brings a fresh show on a flatbed trailer to libraries, parking lots and fields around San Antonio.