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Inkubator - October 13-16 & 21-22, 2016
Jump-Start has selected young female theater artists, The F.I.R.E. Collaborative, as our guests. We offer these emerging community artists a space, technical assistance, funds and a creative response process to assist in the development of their new play, RAPID EYE MOVEMENT.

La Pocha Nostra - November 2016
Jump-Start collaborates with The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and Northwest Vista College Theater and Arts Department to bring Guillermo Gómez-Peña and his performance troupe La Pocha Nostra, based in San Francisco, to San Antonio for a workshop and performances.  

Performance Party 32 - January 2017
Jump-Start celebrates our birthday in the style to which our audience has become accustomed with an extravaganza of performances by the company and our divinely and diversely talented friends.  

Kataws: Trumpeters of the Ocean - January 2017
Dr. Leonard Cruz, choreographer and community activist, briefly returns to his hometown from Bremen, Germany for a residency to engage students and artists in the exploration of water themes and to present performances with special guests.

On & Off Fred - February 2017
Jump-Start proudly joins the extravagant art stroll and studio tour that is “On and Off Fredericksburg Road”.  We invite SanAntonio visual artists to exhibit their work in our space.  

Flatbed Teatro - March 2017
A traveling show created for Contemporary Art Month and performed on a flatbed trailer rolls up to hot spots around our city. 

Payasos On Parade - April 2017
Stilt-walkers and performance artists of Jump-Start crop up in and at Fiesta San Antonio parades. 

Latino Odyssey - May 2017
Sol Luna secretly enters her family in a contest to be the first Latino familia in space.  When they win, they prepare to travel to the International Space Station, but an encounter with a worm hole sends them to the other side of the universe.  Now, they’re trying to get  back to Earth. Playwright Max Parrilla brings us this episodic comedy. 

Tejana Trilogy - July 2017
Set in a United States where Mexican-American twins are President and Vice President, “Clarisa La Risa” is about an undocumented single mother working as a clown at backyard birthday parties; “La Independent” is about a performance artist who gets stuck on a train during a flood; and “La Burra” is an interpretation of the Donkey Lady. Following the border stories CUERO, LA RUBY RED Y EL BIG BIRD, this second collection in Marisela Barrera’s trilogy is rooted in San Antonio. 

8 X 8 X 8 Cabaret Du Jump - August 2017
Eight 8-minute performances are presented in an 8-foot cube.  Anything goes (as long as the “8” limits are respected).  

Mother Mary and Father Increase - September 2017
Have we learned from history?  Kitty Williams poses this question as her play moves between time periods, touching on the degradation of women, deadly sins, human rights, and Puritan thought.  Humanity is on trial. 


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