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Historias y Cuentos (Stories and Tales)

Established in 1991, Historias y Cuentos (Stories and Tales) is Jump-Start’s oldest educational program.JumpStart at Japhet

Historias y Cuentos is an expansive program that affords students opportunities to take part in the visual, literary, digital, and performing arts through projects that are based on academic curriculum, as well as social issues that impact their lives. The program’s goals are to integrate arts into the school curriculum, encourage group process through cooperation, develop creative problem-solving skills, cultivate artistic abilities, and promote appreciation of individual and cultural diversity.

The after-school programs at Bonham Academy, Japhet Elementary School, and Woodlawn Academy provide hands-on experiences with the arts, both visual and performance. Jump-Start artists provide guidance integrating the arts in the content areas by sharing a variety of lessons and activities. In 2014-2015, Jump-Start expanded to its first charter school, KIPP Esperanza, a dual language charter school currently serving kindergarten and first-grade students.

Highlights of the Historias y Cuentos program:  

JumpStart at Bonham

  • Arts Day at Bonham Academy takes place in the spring when artists from several disciplines come to Bonham to share their art forms in interactive group rotations.
  • The “Girl Power” program at Japhet Elementary School focuses on the creation of art that inspires empowerment for young girls. In addition, this after-school program provides hands-on experiences with the arts, both visual and performance.
  • The program at KIPP Esperanza focuses on the integration of technology, digital art, and storytelling into the science classrooms. Classes are taught in Spanish. In the 2014-2015 school year, kindergarten students learned how to use iPads for photographing elements of nature. In the 2015-2016 school, students will work with natural materials to enrich the science theme of the natural world.
  • Woodlawn Academy is our newest addition to Historias y Cuentos. Our vision is to work alongside administration and teaching staff to provide visual art experiences that are not provided in the general curriculum.
  • Every spring, Jump-Start hosts a student art show that highlights students’ work from all of the programs.

JumpStart at Bonham

JumpStart Student Art Show

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