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Family Endeavors’ Fairweather Programs

Fairweather Lodge

Fairweather Lodge JumpStart

Fairweather Lodge is a collaboration between Jump-Start Performance Co. and Family Endeavors utilizing the arts to assist adults with chronic mental illness. Participants are Lodge residents who are in a long-term program that includes housing, job training, work opportunities, life-skill training, illness monitoring, and other assistance. Through arts techniques, participants can discover and explore their own self-worth, hone their higher-level thinking skills, explore group process, and learn to problem-solve. Jump-Start artists and Fairweather staff co-teach life-skill training and arts curriculum. Sessions deal with themes such as weight management, dietary needs, medication, coping skills, the stigma of mental illness, exercise, and financial services. The arts are incorporated into the curriculum to reinforce the trainings.


Fairweather Family Lodge

In 2005, Jump-Start expanded its services to include the Fairweather Family Lodge, a transitional facility for mothers with chronic mental illness and their children. Jump-Start’s instructors work with the children to explore the arts, build self-esteem, and participate in collaborative projects. Beginning in 2016, our program with the Family Lodge children will expand offering five Saturday workshops that will expose the children to the performing arts and photography. These projects will culminate in a performance and a photography show at Jump-Start Performance Co. in the spring.

Family Lodge Student Art Show JumpStart

Student Show Family Lodge JumpStart

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