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Marisela Barrera

Marisela Barrera grew up in Alamo, Texas and has a BFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University Meadows School of the Arts.  She is a stage director and performance artist with a strong interest in uncovering Tex-Mex stories that resonate cross-culturally.  Marisela is a migrant cultural worker with Jump-Start, the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, The Witte Museum, Teatro Farolito, The San Antonio Latino/a Theatre Alliance, VSA Texas, the San Antonio Area Foundation, and Artpace. Visit Marisela's website.

Kim Corbin

Kim Corbin, a founding member of Jump-Start, has gotten over her childhood dream of being a movie star.  She credits her three decades of work and play in the company with helping her to happily abandon that goal.  Besides, many of her urges have been satisfied at Jump-Start - like acting, costuming, writing, directing, event-planning, bossing people around without authority, irritating them by being late for absolutely everything, etc.  Sure, she does  this elsewhere too, but she love-love-loves her Jump-Start family best.

Sandy Dunn

Sandy Dunn is a founding member of Jump-Start. Before that, she performed with DanceArt/SA, Urban-15 and 24th Street Theater. Sandy has performed in, choreographed and developed many works at Jump-Start including Macbeth in Flames, Near This Town, Visions & Voices, Illusions, Epcot El Alamall and The Watermark Project, to name just a few. Her dance background developed at Ohio State University Dance Dept. (BFA). Her claim to fame is that she is on a poster from 1979, performing in the same event with Maya Angelou and Laurie Anderson. Sandy faithfully commutes from Austin frequently to attend rehearsals, performances and meetings. “Jump-Start is like a big playground with lots of great playmates….”

 Michi Fink 

Michi, being a nickname from her sisters of the San Anto community, and Fink being of her rested Mothers maiden name, Michi Fink is a Vegan who lives for, and with the Universe. Her focus in the Arts is with words, and to the movement of body with a concentration in dance. She is a Queer Womyn whom spends most of her free time as a Yogi, attending, helping and being the Arts and volunteering her efforts as an Activist. 

Pamela Dean Kenny

Pamela Dean Kenny has been an actor forever. Born in New York City, she has lived (& acted) all over the U.S., Europe, & Mexico. Just after landing in San Antonio a few years ago she ended up in a production of The Laramie Project at Jump-Start & stayed. She originated the role of Adina De Zavala in Sterling Houston’s The Living Graves. Jump-Start – where else could I have played The Rebbe and Miss Brazil (Doyle Avant’s Blood Under the Bridge) & the singing, drinking, urinating Gen. Sam Houston (Sterling Houston’s High Yello Rose)???

Billy Muñoz

Billy Muñoz is a performer/artist/educator from the Southside. As a graduate from Harlandale High and then as a student from Palo Alto College, he has been involved in theatre for 11 years. Billy joined the staff as an apprentice at Jump-Start Performance Co. in 2002 and has since become Asst. Technical Director, a company member, and part of the education staff. His performance work includes Calor de Amor, Trippin’ to Momma’s, and The Living Graves. Also in that time, he has been very involved in the technical aspects of theatre. Billy has run boards many shows, and designed lights for Disconnected Dreams, On The Island, and Watermark 1.5. In the future, he hopes to complete his graphic novel and have an original show presented at Jump-Start.

Max Parrilla

Max Parrilla graduated from Incarnate Word College in 1986 with a Bachelors Degree in Technical Theater. He has been Technical Director of San Antonio Opera, San Pedro Playhouse, Jump-Start Performance Co., The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, The Urban-15 Group, The Magik Children’s Theatre, The Sol/Sun Experimental Theater Company and Palo Alto College. He has directed Latino Odyssey, Latin’s Anonymous, La Pastorela, Pocho/a, La Frontera, Poet’s Pyre. He was the Production Manager/Technical Director of Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit, Urban-15, Ruby Nelda Perez, Tim Walsh, The Guadalupe Dance Company and George Cisneros. He has designed lights for almost every theatre company in San Antonio and the Paramount Theater in Austin.

Sheila Sisler-Currie

Sheila Sisler-Currie has been actively involved with Jump Start Performance Co. for more than five years. Sheila is a graduate of Palo Alto College, attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, is a graduate of East Central High School, a successful business owner, avid bird watcher, and an experienced stage manager, actor, dancer, and grip boss.

Chuck Squier 

Chuck Squier is a founding member of Jump-Start Performance Co. He has performed and collaborated on many different Jump-Start shows over the past twenty years, including Bloodletting, Illusions, Something Else, El Calor de Amor and Epcot el Alamall. He has also stage -managed and directed several shows. His first play Trippin’ To Momma’s premiered on the Jump-Start stage in 2006. Chuck is also an active board member of Celebration Circle, an open and inclusive interfaith community based in San Antonio. He teaches speech at Palo Alto College.

Lisa Suarez

Lisa Suarez, a Communication Arts graduate of Incarnate Word College (San Antonio, TX), has been with Jump-Start Performance Co. since 1994. Suarez is a multi-disciplinary performing artist with more than 15 years of acclaimed experience. Her credits include Josephina Lopez’s Real Women Have Curves, Sandra Cisneros’ House on Mango Street, Joe Menjares’s Minnecanos, Sterling Houston’s High Yello’ Rose, Alicia Mena’s Las Nuevas Tamaleras and John Sayles’ film Lonestar. Suarez has also collaborated with various artists including Raquel Araujo /Teatro La Rendija, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, and madmedia. Suarez is also an experienced arts educator and has created many performances with youth and special interest populations.

Clint Taylor

Clint Taylor JumpStart Company Member

Clint Taylor is an actor, teaching artist and professional volunteer. He is also a member of the San Antonio Latino Theater Alliance (SALTA). With over 20 years of experience in community theater, he has performed in various shows throughout San Antonio. 


Fabiola Torralba

Fabiola Torralba is a dancer, educator, artist, and activist.  After several  years of community organizing and cultural work in San Antonio, two bachelor’s degrees, and some ethnographic fieldwork, she decided to return to her first love.  Fabiola then trained under Erica Wilson-Perkins at Palo Alto College receiving an Associates of Arts in Dance with additional training under the Urban Bush Women, the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, and David Grenke of ThingsezIsee’um Dance/Theater among others.  She collaborates frequently with local artists, schools, galleries, and non-profit organizations on multi-disciplinary, educational, and performance based projects. Previous works include, En Rumbo, entre nos, Zapatos Viejos, This Bridge We Call…, XVoto, Me Gustas Cuando Callas, and nos(otros) ¡somos!, a full length bilingual multimedia performance that presents multiple facets of the immigration experience by first voices.  Fabiola utilizes movement as a vehicle for community building, civic engagement, and social-cultural awareness.  She enjoys exploring interdisciplinary collaborations and the intersections between art, story, and action.

K. Kitty A. Williams

K. Kitty A. Williams studied dance, speech and theatre at St. Philips College and Trinity University. She is has been a company member of Jump-Start since the early 1990’s. Kitty has performed in multiple company works and with Jump-Start’s touring group in Sterling Houston’s Santo Negro and La Frontera. Kitty is a co-author of The Great Chitlin’ Debate and Katherine’s Joint, along with Paul Bonin-Rodriguez. She has won numerous awards, such as the 2005 Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical. Kitty is also a member of Storytellers 3 + 1.


Company Members Emeritus

Jessica Arriola, Steve Bailey, Mark Blakeney, Cathleen Pollock Boehme, Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Erik Bosse, Michael Cavazos, Laurie Dietrich, Kevin Evans, Dino Foxx, Felice Garcia, Skye Heather Daniels, Sterling Houston, Daniel Jackson, Anita Jones Owers Baker, Danielle King, Michael Marinez, Lisa Mellinger, Dianne Monroe, Glenna Park, Dennis Poplin, Robert Rehm, Diana Rodriguez Gil, Annele Spector, S.T. Shimi, Amanda Silva, Susan Taylor, Jesse Valadez Lopez, Michael Verdi


Board of Directors

Chuck Squier, President
Kim Corbin, Vice President
Sandy Dunn, Secretary
Michelle Rodriguez, Treasurer
Martha Saenz Buchanan
Fadela Gacis Castro
Mellissa Marlowe
Max Parrilla



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